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Karen's Pug Farm
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Every effort is made by Karen’s Pug Farm (seller) to insure that the puppy is delivered in a healthy and sound condition. Your puppy has been health checked by a licensed veterinarian as evidenced by a current health certificate issued by the state of Oklahoma.

Your puppy is guaranteed for 48 hours (2 days) after leaving the sellers care against any kind of illness and guaranteed for six (6) months from the puppy’s date of birth for any congenital/hereditary disorder which would seriously impact the quality of life or would require continual medical treatment throughout the puppy's life. If in this event, with the provision of two (2) unassociated veterinarian reports, the buyer will be given the option of either keeping the puppy or replacing it with another puppy.

During the first 48 hours the puppy should be taken to a licensed veterinarian of the buyer's choice to have it examined. If your regular veterinarian is not available, the buyer is required to take the puppy to another veterinarian or this guarantee will be null and void. If the puppy is determined to be in poor health, as evidenced by a veterinarian's statement, the buyer can elect to keep the puppy, assuming all cost for its care, or may return the puppy at the buyers expense along with the registration papers for a replacement puppy, when a like animal is available of the same breed and sex. In the event that a replacement puppy is provided, all the costs incurred are the responsibility of the buyer. No cash refunds will be given.

The seller is not responsible for stress related illness such as hypoglycemia or colds. The buyer is advised to contact a veterinarian for treatment immediately if any symptoms occur. Please do not take the puppy into public places unless absolutely necessary, until the puppy has had all its vaccinations (recommended by your veterinarian) to insure immunity against disease. There is no guarantee against negligence. The puppy will have current wormings and vaccination(s) at the time of delivery. It is the responsibility of the buyer to keep the vaccinations and wormings current.

If in the event of death, the buyer (at the buyer’s expense) must provide the seller a letter stating cause of death from attending veterinarian and a copy of the autopsy report. If the cause of death is determined to be due to a congenital medical condition, an arrangement for a replacement puppy will be made.

Seller has done everything possible to produce a healthy, sound puppy in regards to diet, exercise, socialization, and vet care. A premium dog food such as Royal Canin or Science Diet must be feed. Table scraps are discouraged.

All puppies are sold as companion pets and are evaluated and honestly represented as accurately as possible. The seller does not guarantee color, size, fertility, or temperament of any puppy. The seller is not responsible for any bills the buyer may incur regarding said puppy (veterinarian, grooming, etc...) The seller will not be responsible for ailments resulting from obesity, second hand smoke, malnutrition, dehydration, starvation or lack of proper vet care including regular vaccinations.

The buyer is responsible for any shipping fees, which include crates that are needed to deliver the puppy safely. A deposit is required to hold the puppy and is non-refundable. Full payment is due ten (10) days prior to shipping. This guarantee is not valid if the puppy is sold or given to a third party.